Past Productions

1983    A Midsummer Night’s Dream          Adrian Kiernander  University Quad

1984    Macbeth                                              Colin McColl               University Quad

1985    Twelfth Night                                     David Copeland         Majestic Theatre

1986    Romeo and Juliet                               Barry Empson           University Quad

1987    As You Like It                                    Louise Tourelle          University Quad

1988    King Lear                                           Simon Bennett           University Quad

1989    Much Ado About Nothing              Glenn McKenzie         Memorial Theatre

1990    Measure For Measure Michael Huddleston   Memorial Theatre

1991     A Midsummer Night’s Dream        David O’Donnell          The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1992    Richard III                                        David O’Donnell           The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1993    The Two Gentlemen of Verona     Adrian Kiernander       The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1994    Pericles                                               Jeremy Bell                   The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1995    Macbeth                                            Carol Stevenson             The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1996    As You Like It                                  Miranda Harcourt          Civic Square
& Guy Boyce

1997    King John                                          Alison Hodge                  The Dell, Botanic Gardens

1998    The Merchant of Venice                Kathi George                   Sacred Heart Cathedral
& Mark Da Vanzo

1999    Twelfth Night                                  Larry Rew                       Te Whaea Carpark

2000   Love’s Labour’s Lost                      Jonathon Hendry            Hunter Carpark

2001    Cymbeline                                 Peter Hambleton             Studio 77 Amphitheatre

2002    Romeo and Juliet                          James Hadley                  Studio 77 Amphitheatre

2003    Othello                                            Bert van Dijk                    Studio 77 Amphitheatre

2004   The Tempest                                  Sara Brodie                      The Dell, Botanic Gardens

2005    Much Ado About Nothing           Rachel More & Jacqui Coats           Boyd Wilson field

2006    The Taming of the Shrew          Rachel More & Jacqui Coats          Te Papa

2007    As You Like It                               Sue Ryder & Jim Vale    The Dell, Botanic Gardens

2009    Henry V                                         David Lawrence               Studio 77 Amphitheatre

2010  The Merry Wives of Windsor     David Lawrence              Studio 77 Amphitheatre

2011 The Winter’s Tale                          Lori Leigh                        Sound Shell,
Botanic Gardens


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