A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Crew

Director Adrian Kiernander

Costume Designer Lee Jensen

Set Design April Walker

Lighting Design Jonathan Anyon

Makeup Design Mark

Production Assistant Stella Duffy

Stage and Production Manager Rebecca Ellis

Assistant Stage Manager Dolores Hay

Choreographer Robyn Cockburn

Lighting Operator Gary Puryer

Publicity Joanna Marie Stones

Poster Design Wendy Murphy

Photos David Newman

Masks Petrina Jane Alley, Jan Colosimo

Fans Bede Stevens

Costume Sewing Jenny Christie, Caroline Cundall, Linda Dale, David Jeffries, Marion Killick, Bonnie Robinson, Andrea Thomas

Set Construction Jonathan Graham with Stella Duffy, Vanessa Homeward, Nick Kiddle, Roseanne McElroy

Aerodynamic Consultant Mike Donn

Prompts Judith Lofley, Elizabeth McLaughlan

Front of House Anna Aitken, Helen Braybook

Followspot Operators Judith Berry, Annika Lane, Anne McPhail


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