Romeo and Juliet – Cast

Michael Galvin as Romeo.

Michael Galvin as Romeo.

Romeo Michael Galvin
Benvolio Paul Munn
Mercutio Jonathon Hendry
Lord Montague David Larsen
Lady Montague Felicity Samuel
Juliet Juliet O’Brien
Lord Capulet Brett Harston
Lady Capulet Ruth Paul
Cousin Capulet Adam Levy
The Nurse Peta Carey
Tybalt Allen Taylor
Apothecary Barbara Perry
Chorus Tina Cleary
Friar Lawrence Simon Bennett
Friar John Richard Laugesen
Paris Bruce Thomson
Sovereign Miranda Wilson
Servants & Peasants

Terri Anderton

Rachel Bennett
Sarah Darby
Rae Foster
Kri Leitner
Mary Lambie
Adam Morris
Paul O’Connor
Iain Snowdon
Evan Watts
Melanie Young
Soldiers of the Watch

Vincent Cholewa

Dominic Lane
Peter Larsen


Paul Ammunson

Neil Becker
Peter Galvin
Dominic Kelly
Suzanne Lyons
Andrew Pask
Danny Poynton

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