As You Like It – Cast

Duke Senior Steven Danby

Rosalind Sarah Preece

Duke Frederick Jürgen Schumacher

Celia Jacqui Neary

Touchstone Matthew Thompson

Charles the Wrestler Evan “Killer” Watts

Le Beau Colleen Foss

Courtiers Catherine Ward, Katherine Brown, Nicki Snadden

Oliver de Boys Martin Robinson

Orlando de Boys Gordon Harcourt

Jacques de Boys Dominic Kelly

Dennis Catherine Ward

Adam Stephen Olson

Amiens Peter Galvin

Jacques Anthony Bentley

Foresters Janet Cole, Catherine Ward, Nicki Snadden, Katherine Brown, Clair Louise Gabriel, Tina Sudell, Samantha Hayman

Corin Lane Crockett

Silvius Harry Watson

William Brendan Roach

Audrey Karen Melchior

Phebe Laura Bootham

Sir Oliver Martext Janet Cole

Cupid Sarah Major


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