Much Ado About Nothing – Cast

Don Pedro Shane Bartle

Benedick Leigh Ransfield

Claudio Chris Tegg

Leonato Megan Huber

Antonio John O’Brien

Beatrice Kim Hunter

Hero Margaret Gaffaney / Claire Waldron

Margaret Claire Waldron / Margaret Gaffeney

Ursula Annie Thomas

Don John Dan Slevin

Borachio Michael Ulyatt

Conrade Jeremy Grogan

Dogberry Cathie Sheat

Verges Annabel Craig

Watch 1 Tina Sudell

Watch 2 Lara Matheson

Belle Margaret Werry / Katherine Lineham

Thea Suzanne Aspden

Friar Francis Michael Lee

The Sexton Simon A. Laidler

Boy/‘Stage Manager’ Robert Stafford

Maid/‘Assistant Stage Manager’ Geraldene Peters


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