Macbeth – Cast

The Weird Sisters

Anne Ferrier-Watson

Bronwen Thomson

Claire Deighton

Eva Bennett
Gabrielle Bishop
Judy Dale

Rachel Price

Tanea Heke
Bleeding Sergeant John Peterson
King Duncan Lee Hartley
Malcolm Peter Rutherford
Donalbain Melanie Campbell
Lennox Mark Cleary
Ross Tim Jones
Angus Mark Da Vanzo
Menteith Mark Tregonning
Caithness Jacqueline Coats

Orkney Heather McQueen

Banquo Rhys Morgan

Fleance Jeremy Collie-Holmes
Macbeth Adam Gardiner

Lady Macbeth Kate Parker

Seyton Aaron Cowan
Gentlewoman Rebecca Margetts
The Porter David Chapman
Macduff Angela Meyer
Lady Macduff Tina Carter
Young Macduff Emmeline Rushbrook
The Old Woman Jacqueline Coats

Murderers Mike Lee, Lee Hartley

Seyward John Peterson

Young Seyward Alexander Ritchie

Doctor Glenn McLachlan
Messenger Dion Boothby

Aaron Cowan

Alex Ritchie

Britta Neville

David Chapman

Dion Boothby

Emmeline Rushbrook

Heather McQueen

Jacqui Coats

Jess Feast

John Peterson

Mark Da Vanzo

Mark Tregonning

Mike Lee

Olwen Thomson

Rebecca Margetts

Sue Barker


Lucy Schwabe

Miriama Young

Rachel Park

Rebecca Macauley




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