King John – Crew

Photography (c) Brett Robertson

Photography (c) Brett Robertson

Director Alison HodgeComposer & Musical Director Craig Sengelow
Set Design Nic Marshall
Costume Design Nic Marshall Fight Director Tony Wolf

Lighting Design Helen Todd

Administrator & Publicist Tim Jones Production Manager David Lawrence

Stage Managers Natalie Gyles, Miranda Luxford

Sponsorship Manager Lewis Tennant
Production Assistant Lucy Craig Front of House Manager Rachel Lawson
Technical support & Pyrotechnics Mike Ainsworth
Graphic Design Nic Marshall Graphic Design assistance Adrian Pryor

Photography Brett Robertson, Matt Grace

Lighting Operator Catherine Goodman

Sound Operator Tim Ransom

Costume Co-ordinator Zoe Fox
Costume ConstructionSharon Mathews

Zoe Fox

Virginia Crawford

Debz Ruffell
Matt Appleby
Kate Blake
Set Engineer Walter Rushbrook
Taiko Design & Construction Murray McDonald
Taiko Instructor Murray McDonald Pavillion Construction Pauline Neale & Jenny Bush
Catapult & Quintain Contruction David Hodge
Latex Head Construction Ian Chapman
Weapon Construction Tony Wolf, Anthony Haigh, Tim Ransom
Banner Construction Kathi George
Treasurer Ajay Parmar

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