The Merchant of Venice – Crew

Merchant 3Directors Kathi George & Mark Da Vanzo

Production & Stage Manager Rachel Browne

Administrator & Publicist Victoria Spackman

PA & Assistant Stage Manager Natalie Gyles

Set Designer  Tania Redl

Lighting Designer Wil Hoverd

Costume & Graphic Designer Nic Marshall

Composer & Musical Director Kate Marshall

Sponsorship & Schools Manager Annie Millard

Production Treasurer Stan George

Front of House Manager Margaret O’Donnell

Properties Manager Amanda Neale

Standby Properties Juliet Philpott

Costume Co-ordinator Sharon Mathews

Costume Technician Nikki Haan

Hair Claire Linkhorn

Make-up Hayley Ness

Choreographer Anna Brown

Sound Operator Michael Lightbourne

Photography Brett Robertson

Lighting Operator Erica Lowe

Followspot Operator Claire Gilligan

Backstage Crew Simon Tutty

Costume Construction Debz Ruffell, Virginia Crawford, Donna Jefferis, Londonwear Tailors

Set Construction Geoff Rose, Jonathan Clarke, Daryl Alison, Barry Oldham

Lighting Crew Matthew Leather, Guy Smith, Steven Sanders, Steve Blennerhasset, Marcus McShane, Claire Gilligan, Erica Lowe, Geoff Pinfield


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