Romeo and Juliet – Cast

Romeo Ezra Keddell

Juliet Beatrice Papazoglou

Mercutio/Friar John Stephen Wrigley

Benvolio Alicia Sutton

Tybalt/Apothecary Fraser McLeod
Lady Capulet Felicity Thomas
Lady Montague Caroline Beech
Paris Brent McGuinness
Friar Lawrence Nathan Buller
Queen Escalus Holly Shanahan
Nurse Julia Truscott
Capulet Adam Matthew Jones

Montague Tom Williams

Balthasar/Sampson Richard Dey
Petra/Grace Marie Hodson
Grace/Violetta Jessica Manins

Grace/Rosetta Mary-Grace Williams

Klotho Kathryn Tyree

Lachesis Liz Kirkman

Atropos Eleanor Williams




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