The Tempest – Crew




Director Sara Brodie

Assistant Director Kim Stevenson
Musical Directors Asalemo Tofete, Matalena Leaupepe

Original Music Michael Nicholas Williams

Set Designer Bronwyn Bent
Lighting Designer Paddy Kennedy
Costume Designers Kate Baker, Emma Dockery
Business Manager Cath Harkins
Treasurer Richard Trow
Summer Shakespeare Officer Eleanor Williams

Marketing Manager Hannah Clarke

Marketing Assistant Stephanie Walker

Production Manager Larissa Mamo
Stage Manager Sarah Hampton
Company Manager Catherine Swallow

Assistant Stage Managers

Vernon Prime

Miranda Lawrence

Rachel Kerr
Heleyni Pratley
Make-Up Juliette Wood

Stage Construction Danny Hones

Props & Set Construction Darrell Haddon

Instrument Sourcing Diana Felagai

Publicists Rebecca Thomson, Brianne Kerr
Poster Design Corbin Featherstone

Programme Design Tim Christie

Graphic Design Stephanie Junovich
Web Page Kristin Chapman



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