The Taming of the Shew – Cast

Master John – Eli Kent Mr Baptista Minola’s trusted manservant and local bookie

Dewey Paradise – Dawa Devereux A ‘lady of the night’ (and duck hunter extraordinaire!)

Sister Mary – Rebecca Lieven   A young novice nun with an eye for adventure

Sister Eleanor – Marlayna Saunders   Mother Superior of the local nunnery, stranded amongst hedonistic savages

Pierre Pouffant – Adam Donald      A tailor, recently arrived from Paris under suspicious circumstances

Mr Theodore Brown – Gene Alexander Local cloth merchant and amateur opera singer

Mrs Constance Black – Kay Smith  Widow to a few too many husbands

Rufus Dent – Tony Parker    An immigrant from Tasmania, local rat-catcher and entrepreneur

Joan Dory – Willow Newey Local fisherwoman, angling for a husband

PC McDonald – Steven Arnold    Local copper who dreams of finding gold

Hon Lucien Vincent – Dan Saunders A young romantic, sent down from Oxford, off to see the world

Tranio – Will Harris Manservant to Lucien, and a master of disguise

Mr Baptista Minola – Sebastian Morgan-Lynch Owner of the Drake Company, made rich from leasing claims to gold prospectors

Miss Katherina Minola – Anna Kennedy Eldest daughter of Baptista, well-known in town for chasing off potential suitors and terrifying the locals

Miss Bianca Minola – Antonia Bale Youngest daughter of Baptista, admired by many, but yet to find her one true love

Mr D M Gremio – David McKenzie Rich neighbour to Baptista, in lust with Bianca

Mr Hortensio Green – Joel Allen    Local wine merchant, old friend to Petruchio and rival to Gremio

Miss Bella Dello – Kate McGill Servant to Lucien, and “Twanio’s” mistress

Mr Petruchio Antonio – Phil Peleton A gentleman of Otago, looking to “wife and thrive as best he may”

Mademoiselle Georgette – Mel Dodge  Feisty French servant of Petruchio, and a connoisseur of Eastern European aristocracy

Father Francis – Steven Arnold Local priest from the parish of St Luke’s, rather too fond of the communion wine

Miss Meg O’Malley – Dawa Devereux  Fire-starter, and servant to Petruchio

Miss Natalie Nelson – Willow Newey Former vaudevillian, washed up in the colonies, and servant to Petruchio

Miss Jane Johansson – Rebecca Lieven Lover of fine wine and food, now cook to Petruchio

Molly O’Brien – Marlayna Saunders   Milliner to the ladies of Wellington (who dreams of being a lady herself)

Count Vincent – Gene Alexander  A wealthy Russian merchant of Kent, father to the Hon Lucien


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