Henry V – Cast

Allan Henry as the Constable and Alex Greig as Henry V. (c) VUW Image Services

Allan Henry as the Constable and Alex Greig as Henry V. (c) VUW Image Services

The Chorus Alison Walls

King Henry Alex Greig

Duke of Exeter (the King’s uncle) Jonny Potts

Earl of Westmorland Victoria Morgan

Duke of Gloucester (the King’s brother) Fiona McNamara

Duke of Bedford (the King’s brother) Alisha Tyson

Duke of York (the King’s cousin) Blair Everson

Duke of Salisbury Brooke Smith-Harris

Captain Fluellen Chris Smith

Captain Gower Bailey McCormack

Sir Thomas Erpingham Tony Catford

Michael Williams Daniel Watterson

John Bates Victoria Morgan

Alexander Court Alisha Tyson

The Archbishop of Canterbury David Goldthorpe

The Bishop of Ely James Barber

Pistol Jackson Coe

Nym Jack O’Donnell

Bardolph Benyamin Albert

Nell Quickly Amelia Willcox

The Boy Jessica Aaltonen

Sir John Falstaff Tony Catford

Richard, Earl of Cambridge Daniel Watterson

Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham Kirsty Bruce

Thomas Grey, Knight of Northumberland Thomas Horder

King Charles VI of France Michael Brady

Queen Isabel Suzie Evans

Prince Louis, the Dauphin Alex Rabina

Princess Katherine Alison Walls

Alice (maid to Katherine) Louise Burston

Charles Delabreth, High Constable of France Allan Henry

Montjoy the Herald Hannah McKie

Duke of Orleans Blair Everson

Earl of Rambures Kirsty Bruce

Earl of Grandpre Brooke Smith-Harris

Duke of Bourbon Eleanor Stewart

Duke of Bretagne Alisha Tyson

Duke of Burgundy Laura Feslier

Monsieur Le Fer Cathy Gamba

Governor of Harfleur Tony Catford

Earl of Foix Byron Abbey

Dogs on Tuesday

Drums – Alex Rabina

Violin – Eleanor Stewart

Saxophone – Jackson Coe

Trumpet – David Goldthorpe

Trombone – James Barber

Bass – Blair Everson

Guitar – David Lawrence, Benyamin Albert, Daniel Watterson

Flute – Katherine Beijeman

Recorder – Jack O’Donnell

Vocals – Jonny, Dan, Louise, Laura, Eleanor


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