The Merry Wives of Windsor – Cast

(c) VUW Image Services

(c) VUW Image Services

Sir John Falstaff and the Merry Wives of Windsor

When: February 4 – 27 2010

Where: Gladstone Vineyard, Studio 77 Amphitheatre

George Page (a moderately wealthy citizen) Ralph Upton

Meg Page (his wife) Louise Burston

Anne Page (their daughter) Alice Pearce

William Page (their son) Bailey McCormack

Frank Ford (an extremely wealthy citizen) Daniel Watterson

Alice Ford (his wife) Laura Feslier


Sir John Falstaff (an impoverished knight) Benjamin Haddock

Robin (his page) Dominic McElwee

Bardolph (a thief) Tamas Molnar

Pistol (a grifter) Vicky Roper

Nym (a cony-catcher) Helen Sims

The Host of the Garter Inn (a hotelier) Kirsty Bruce

The Host’s staff Shannon Tubman, Bailey McCormack, Alice Pearce, James Barber, Daniel Watterson

Sir Hugh Evans (a Welsh Parson) Melanie Camp

Robert Shallow (a Justice of the Peace) James Barber

Abraham Slender (Shallow’s nephew, in love with Anne Page) Michael Pohl

Peter Simple (Slender’s servant) Eleanor Stewart

Dr Caius (a French physician, in love with Anne Page) Florence Mato

Nell Quickly (Dr Caius’ housekeeper) Jessica Aaltonen

John Rugby (Dr Caius’ servant) Ngahiriwa Rauhina

Fenton (an impoverished gentleman, in love with Anne Page) Blair Everson

Servants, Townsfolk, Onlookers, Musicians, Fairies, Meatpuppets played by members of the company


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