Antony and Cleopatra – Cast

Antony Alistair Browning

Cleopatra Carmel McGlone

Caesar Andrew Goddard

Enobarbus Benjamin Haddock

Lepidus, Scarus, Proculeius David Lafferty

Pompey Gareth Ruck

Charmian Sharon King-Campbell

Iras Hannah Wilson

Alexas, Eros, Band Ania Upstill

Octavia Martine Gray

Soothsayer, Clown, Band Leader Emma Wollum

Agrippa, Demetrius Ruth Corkill

Mecaenas, Varrius Helen McIntosh

Menas, Dollabella, Band Chennoah Walford

Mardian, Soldier, Band Jessica Coppell

Messenger, Thidias, Taurus, Band Tom Kereama

Ventidius, Watchman, Seleucus Ben Richards

Canidius, Diomedes, Guard, Philo Jack O’Donnell

Menecrates, Messenger Shannon Friday

Ambassador, Pacorus, Band Zara Mansoor

Silius, Messenger, Decretas Brett Reid

Attendant Iris Henderson

Attendant, Servant Philippa Biggs

Watchman, Band Cordelia Black

Sentry, Watch Charlotte Pleasants

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