Antony and Cleopatra – Crew

Director Alison Walls

Designer Theo Wijnsma

Costumes Marly Doyle

Lighting Designer Matthias Mard

Assistant Lighting Designer Rowan McShane

Producer Sally Thorburn

Production Manager Catherine Swallow

Publicity and Marketing Manager Sarah Leary

Stage Manager Julia Campbell

Assistant Stage Manager Ruth Love

Front of House Manager Beth Goodwin

Wardrobe Lisa Kiyamoto-Fink, Stephen Jackson, Poppy Sinclair-Lockhart

Make-Up Caroline MacLeod

Set Build Supervisor Les Meek

Set Builders Niell Hamilton, Jose Dulce, Achille Segard, Thomas Pepperell, Kim Bonnington

Film Documentarist Corey Le Vaillant

Fight Choreographer Peter Hassall

Musical Advisor Lucien Johnson

Props Maker Rose Kynoch

Lighting Operators Rebecca Sim, Jonathan Churton, Shreyasee Halder

Stage Crew Jessica Burkholt-Payne


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